2017 Year in Review: Surviving Then, Thriving Now

feet on the sandy beach in the sun

Thankfully, hibernation kicked off with some sunshine.


Dear 2017: what can we say about you, other than we’re glad to see your backside?

We went through quite an upheaval in our personal lives this past year. It certainly was a year of stretching and growing, but there were growing pains, and when it comes down to it, we maybe should have been doing a bit more stretching of the yoga kind to help balance out the stress-induced stretches that felt more like being strapped to a medieval torture rack.

Consequently, we retreated into hibernation during the holiday season and have remained that way for a fair portion of the new year. There’s a saying that has seemed especially relevant as of late–something along the lines of, “Flowers don’t bloom all year. You shouldn’t be expected to either.” We’re trying to remember that as we muddle and nap and vinyasa our way through this slow season, and we’re clinging to the optimism that spring will arrive in about six weeks, and we’ll begin to bloom again.

So, here we are, using our time to clear out all the residual yuck of 2017, expressing gratitude for the lessons of last year, and listening to what’s in our hearts and what’s swirling around us.

What have we heard and felt and seen thus far?


For the past year, when asked to describe our work and what we specialize in, the go-to phrase has been “people-focused photography.” That truthfully encompasses all of the services we provide: portraits for family, babies, pets and individuals; events including weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and fundraisers; athletic events like 5ks and bike races; and headshots, to name just a few things.

But when you get right down to it, even when we’re providing these traditional types of photography services, we’re telling stories about those people. We’re documenting an event from start to finish. We’re capturing a moment in time along someone’s journey. We’re ensuring you have high quality, permanent memories of your life, and because you’re leaving the photography to us, you can also have the memories of being in the moment.

We want more stories in 2018.

  • More anniversary parties.
  • More birth stories, including home births.
  • More kids’ soccer matches and baseball games…and some adult sports too!
  • More concerts and more plays and performances.
  • More transformations: weight loss, home renovation, rehabilitation, business growth.
  • More portrait and headshot sessions that show your authentic self.
  • More partnerships with journalists and writers to talk about important issues in our communities.
  • More celebrations of a life well-lived.
  • More opportunities to document intimate, authentic moments that are part of a larger narrative.

We also want more opportunities to help your nonprofit or small business tell its story. Strong visual communications are the key to opening hearts and minds in order to gain customers and donors. Strong photography shows the impact of your organization, and sets you apart from your competition. And that photography is strongest when it aligns closely with your business goals. We have the know-how to lead the strategic conversations, and to take that strategy and create amazing photos!

How can we work together in 2018 so that we all move beyond surviving to really thriving? Let’s talk.

Check out the gallery for some inspiration.

Reach us at liz@tippingpointphoto.com to get the conversation started.

old man fishing on the sea with a rod

A quiet moment of reflection to close out the year.