Headshot Day: April 2, 2017 and Some Colorful Wardrobe Insights

HeadshotIt’s time for another Headshot Day!

We’re setting up shop again in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village for an afternoon of studio headshots. Four 30-minute slots are available (12:00, 12:30, 1:00 and 1:30pm), and the session fee of $165 includes digital files. 

Book your session now–select “Headshot Day (Studio): Sunday, April 2, 2017” as your service.

Why a headshot? It’s time to put your best face on your online presence, whether that’s a professional one or a personal one. These studio sessions are a great way to get a photo you can use for LinkedIn. Remember that it’s a competitive job market out there, and investing in a good quality photo is an investment in your career!

HeadshotWhile you’re checking your calendar for April 2, here’s a tip for you related to what to wear for your headshots: avoid black.

Sure, the “little black dress” is a wardrobe staple, but the truth is that black attire–and in the case of headshots, a black jacket or top–makes almost everyone look washed out in photos.

HeadshotSo, what can you do to look your best?

* Wear a sportcoat/suit/blazer/sweater/etc. that is not black. Excellent color choices for a professional look include navy, gray, deep purple. If you’re in a more creative field, jewel tones work well for most.

* Wear some color around your neck, such as a scarf or substantial jewelry.

Headshot* Wear a collared shirt styled so that you can wear the shirt collar above the jacket collar. This photo of Jo is a perfect example of this style.

Take a look back at a previous headshot tip post with advice about posture.

Join us on Sunday, April 2 for Headshot Day! Four 30-minute session slots are available at $165 each (includes digital files). Book your session now–select “Headshot Day (Studio): Sunday, April 2, 2017” as your service.

Interested in a studio or outdoor session on a different date? Send us a note to discuss your options! We’re also available for group headshot sessions for management and full staff teams, sports teams (including bicycle racing!), and networking events, to name a few! Contact us for more info.