Cyclocross – Our 2011 Collection

As you may have noticed, we are a little short on space here on the website, so if you’re wondering where we keep all of those cyclocross photos, here’s the scoop:

Most of our 2011 ChiCrossCup photos are housed on our storefront, which facilitates easy ordering of prints directly from our lab. The uploading process is extremely slow, and we’ve also been slammed with holiday photo sessions since early November, so we’re editing and getting things up as quickly as we can. Keep checking back for more photos in the coming weeks–we’ve got coverage of most CCC series races with the exception of Ted’s Doubletrack Adventure, and yes, because we’re early risers, there’s some Masters 40+ and 30+ in there!

We also have some photos posted on our Flickr account–check here for cyclocross sets. There are collections of the 2010 ChiCrossCup races, and the 2009 ChiCrossCup races.

There’s a handful of images on the Cyclocross Magazine website from the CCC New Year’s Resolution race weekend, and you can find those here (women’s coverage, day 1), here (men’s coverage, day 1), here (women’s coverage, day 2) and here (men’s coverage, day 2). Full sets will be on Flickr as soon as we get a chance to upload them.

And of course, we post things on Facebook. Have you “liked” us yet? We post a lot of updates here, too, because it’s the easiest way to share photo goodness with you when we’re on the road, so liking us is a way to guarantee plenty of awesomeness in your news feed. 🙂

If you see an image you’re interested in having printed or you would like to purchase a digital file, contact us at liz-at-tippingpointphoto-dot-com. Also, while we’re on the subject, remember that all images posted in any of these venues are protected by copyright, which means that you shouldn’t be swiping them off of any of the online spaces and using them in any way. Period. That includes using them as your Facebook profile photo. Thanks in advance for respecting this…and you can be guaranteed a lot of bad karma if you don’t!

Also, in case you don’t know us personally and just happened to find this site and post via the interwebs, you should know that we are both bike racers and photographers, and we have day jobs in addition to this very cool photography business we feel so lucky to have. We volunteer our time to come out and shoot these races. I know some of you may be wondering, “Where are all the photos from Race X back in October?” Well, we frequently find ourselves wondering “Where are the 25th and 26th hours of the day?” In all seriousness, though, we are working as fast as we can while trying to maintain high quality, meet client deadlines and keep our sanity. We always welcome inquiries via e-mail (liz-at-tippingpointphoto-dot-com), but also appreciate your patience!

Congratulations to everyone on a very successful 2011 ‘cross season!

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