Don’t Wait: Carpe Photographiem. (And Early Fall Portraits.)

Jerry and his youngest daughter (my friend).

Jerry and his youngest daughter (my friend).

This past spring, I was honored to document a celebration of life for Jerry, father of one of my dear friends. Jerry has faced his share of health troubles in recent years, and the path forward is uncertain and hazy at this point. There was great determination on the part of his family to create shared memories with Jerry fully present for all of it.

Tender moments.

Tender moments.

What could have been a very somber occasion was filled with joy and gratitude. Children, grandchildren and other relatives and friends came from near and far to participate in this afternoon full of vibrant moments that will be forever remembered by all those who participated.

Storytime with Bumpa.

I heard stories about how Jerry met his wife, what his kids and grandkids remember about him, times that he got into trouble, and lots more that made everyone chuckle. I heard him read stories to his youngest grandchildren. I learned about his love of chocolate and other sweets. I watched him dance with his wife. In a matter of hours, I grew very fond of this man.

Jerry is crowned king...

Jerry is crowned king…

...King of All Things Chocolate!

…King of All Things Chocolate!

Jerry and his granddaughter.

Jerry and his granddaughter.

My time with Jerry and his family also reminded me of one very important lesson:

Don’t wait.

We all have a bit of sparkle and magic in us. One day, that sparkle will dwindle–for some of us, we see it coming. For others, it takes us by surprise.

Memories are the thing that prevent this sparkle from being snuffed out completely. Photographs keep the fire lit.

As you read this, imagine me taking you firmly by the shoulders and insisting in an elevated voice, “DON’T WAIT.” 

What’s that? What’s your excuse?

It’s not a special occasion.

I want to lose 10 or 15 more pounds.

I don’t have anything to wear.

Family photos are only for people with kids.

It’s a hassle to schedule and make time for a photo session.

I’m embarrassed to suggest this to my family. I’m afraid of appearing sentimental.

Please. Don’t wait.

Don’t let these excuses deter you. Don’t open yourself up to the possibility of regret: that you should have taken the photos when you had the chance, when the magic of your life and the people in it was present and vibrant.

Alive and full of mischief.

Alive and full of mischief.

Jerry’s family could have easily said, “No, not today.” And they would’ve missed out on an amazing opportunity.

I encourage you to get in touch.

I’d be honored to work with you.

Grandkid love.

Grandkid love.

The following dates have been set aside for late summer and early fall portrait session bookings of all types (family portraits, couples portraits, children & pet portraits, and large family gatherings, to name a few). Other dates may be available, too, including weekdays! Please contact me for more information about pricing and reserving your spot on our calendar.

Central Massachusetts: Sunday, Sept. 3 and Monday, Sept. 2

Northeast Ohio: Friday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 17

Chicago area:
Saturday, Aug. 12
Sunday, Aug. 13
Saturday, Sept. 9
Sunday, Sept. 10
Sunday, Sept. 24
Saturday, Sept. 30

Jerry's wife.

Jerry’s wife.

Jerry alongside a family portrait.

Jerry alongside a family portrait.