Hello new year, hello new you! Fitness session with Kristin – Clarendon Hills, IL

Well, 2011 is over and we are not only leaping into 2012, we are leaping into March already! (Speaking of which…happy Leap Year!) Where does the time go? Since January 1 I’ve traveled to both Texas and California, checked the first of two big day job events off my list for the year, and done some serious thinking about where we want Tipping Point to go in the next few years. It’s heavy stuff, people. And in between all this thinking, there are still quite a few cyclocross photos to edit! I haven’t forgotten about you, bike racers. One of my 2012 resolutions that applies to all elements of life is to pace myself and not be facing burnout by the time July 4th rolls around. The reality is that the to-do list is going to get done a bit more slowly than my OCD personality would like, but I’m maintaining my health and sanity in the meantime. 🙂

Speaking of health, this first post of 2012 is going to be dedicated to the fabulous Kristin who I worked with last weekend as a part of my first official fitness shoot! Kristin is, in a word, AWESOME. If my life is anything like hers when I’m her age, and more specifically if I LOOK like she does, I am going to be a very happy camper. Kristin is off to participate in the amateur bikini competition at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend, and this session was not only a chance for her to get some shots of her competition-ready body, it was an opportunity for her to get some practice strutting her stuff! We did some work that highlighted a very small sampling of Kristin’s fantastic shoe collection, and then moved on to activities like side plank and squats to emphasize her muscle tone and demonstrate her strength. And, because I am an artist at heart, we played with the lighting setups to get some gorgeous silhouettes. Good luck Kristin–have a blast at your competition!

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