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When Tipping Point Photography began, it was built on the idea that photos can be drivers of social change. There are many iconic images that have graced the pages of magazines like National Geographic and Time magazines that have brought tears to our eyes, punched us in the gut and raised our awareness of the plight of people and places beyond the radius of our daily lives. A quick spin through the gallery of Pulitzer Prize-winning photos at the Newseum last month offers a good overview–you’ll probably recognize more than a few of them. If you can’t make it to the Newseum in person, this article has a brief overview of what you’ll find there.

(Speaking of iconic images, I just uncovered this awesome collection of the 170,000 photographs created by the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) between 1935 and 1945. You can browse by photographer, by date and by location, and you can also check out this fantastic map of the photographers’ work. Dorthea Lange is one of my favorites.)

For me, this concept has expanded: it’s about the images I can produce, but it’s also about creating that spark for others.

Revolutions start with individuals who are empowered to tell their own stories and shine light in the dark places.

Liz teaches a young aspiring photographer.

Start ’em young! Photo: Haydee Lopez.

Photography is a fundamental tool to achieve this. I know this because it worked for me. If you’re going to play a part in social movements, you should know how to use this tool, too.

How can you get started? Spend some time with me. You’re already smarter than your camera, so don’t let it do the thinking for you. Together we’ll cover the basics of using your DSLR, and then spend some time taking photos and receiving feedback on the technical and creative components of your work.

This is a valuable opportunity for you if you:

  • *have a camera and aren’t sure where to start with using it;
  • *are already an avid photographer but want to stop using Auto mode on your camera;
  • *are a high school or college student interested in one-on-one time with a professional photographer;
  • *know and love someone who meets one of the descriptions above and you’d like to gift them an educational session with me. Look! I already took care of your Mother’s and Father’s Day gift shopping for you! 🙂

Let’s chat about how I can help you or your favorite photographer take your knowledge to the next level! E-mail me today.

Until then, keep calm and click on. 🙂