Shades of silver: Erin + Gabe tie the knot (South Loop, Chicago)

What a day! Erin and Gabe connected with us through a mutual friend we know through Chicago Endurance Sports‘ marathon training program. (Thanks for the referral, David!) We’re always excited to work with new clients, but it’s especially awesome to work with a bride and groom who are committed to each other, and also to working together as a team to have an awesome celebration of their marriage. In the case of the latter, mission very much accomplished!

Erin looked absolutely stunning surrounded by bridesmaids dressed in gray with beautiful yellow and burgundy calla lilies, and Gabe and his groomsmen were polished and witty in their tuxes. Once the gorgeous ketubah–painted by a local artist–was signed, the wedding party made their way from under the eaves of Glessner House to the Women’s Park and Gardens east of the Clarke House Museum. Under pleasantly overcast skies, the bride and groom exchanged vows and Gabe followed the Jewish tradition of crushing a glass underfoot.

We all returned to Glessner House for cocktails and socializing underneath tents in the yard. Following dinner, numerous heartfelt toasts were made, and it was apparent that Erin and Gabe come from phenomenal families, and are also lucky enough to have some fantastic friends, too. Post-toasts, a live band rocked the dance floor, and we were graced with the presence of a surprise special guest—you’ll have to check out the complete set of event photos to find out who it was.

Mazel tov, Mr. + Mrs. Schneider!

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