Tell Me a Story Project: The Launch

I’ve been hungry for collaboration for a while now: to get beyond the usual photography gigs and do something that enriches lives in a different way. Through a series of experiences, including joining Women Belong and engaging with women business owners in a new way, I came up with an idea that I’m launching here today.

The Tipping Point Photography Tell Me a Story Project, which will be known as #tpptellmeastory in social media speak, will offer up a photo bi-weekly as a writing prompt. It’s an opportunity to spark creativity, build community, bring attention to our collective creative work and also foster some accountability among those of you reading this who want to write more, but need a spark in order to do so.

What follows are general instructions and guidelines for this project, and then your first photo prompt!

Here’s how it will work:

  • ★ A new post will appear here on the blog every other Monday, and will be cross-posted to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • ★ Participation is open to anyone, and any type of writing counts: poetry, non-fiction, short stories, five paragraph essays, church sermons…whatever is sparked in you by the photo prompt is absolutely perfect.
  • ★ You do not need to share your writing, though of course we hope you will!
  • ★ If you want us to push your writings out to our audiences, you’ll need to post somewhere public that is easily shared. It could be a blog, a public social media post, your website or some other forum. We strongly encourage you to:

-★- Reshare/repost a link to the writing prompt blog post or the original social media post on your accounts and include a link to your writing too.
-★-Tag your writing post #tpptellmeastory.
-★-Tag our social media accounts: @tippingpointphotography on Instagram, /tippingpointphotography on Facebook and @tippingptphoto on Twitter.
-★-Post the link to your writing, preferably in the comments on our Facebook page, or you can e-mail us the link at

An important note: if we work together, we’ll increase visibility for all participants in this project. To that end, I want to encourage you to reshare things from my original #tpptellmeastory posts using the “Share” feature on Facebook, or a “Repost” app on Instagram, and to credit and tag more frequently than you think you need to. Oh, and preserving that watermark on the photo is critical! It helps protect my work. These same guidelines go for sharing work others have done as part of this project.

These guidelines may be revised as we go along, so I encourage you to bookmark this post and come back to it throughout the project as needed.

Here it comes…your first prompt! Let’s write!

#tpptellmeastory donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles displayed on a donut wall

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