Smiling woman wearing green jacket, holding camera with a stuffed monkey (child's toy) peeking out from inside the jacket. Woman crouched and holding camera to her face. Woman sitting on picnic table, holding a camera and balancing a stuffed cow on her head, while photographing a young girl who is also sitting on the picnic table across from her.


about tipping point

Liz has had a camera in her hands since her early high school days and hasn’t stopped photographing since then. It started with sports and expanded to documenting everything around her. Somewhere in all of this, Jon showed up carrying the exact same camera equipment, and a lifelong partnership was formed. Fast-forward to today: our business name signifies our strong belief that one image has the power to change the world for the better, and we’re committed to doing that for your personal world, your professional world and the one we all live in through people-focused photography.

In addition to photography, Liz has advanced degrees in marketing communications and nonprofit administration, plus a decade of professional experience promoting nonprofit missions and small businesses. All of this knowledge informs the photography she produces for her nonprofit and locally owned clients to help them achieve their communications, fundraising and revenue objectives.

When they’re not photographing, Liz and Jon follow their other passions: travel, food, cycling, college basketball (Go Green, Go White!), running and rescue dogs.